Delayed Fill Valve

Innovator of the delayed fill valve technologyDoes not permit the fill valve to turn on until the flapper closes. This insures new water refilling the tank is not wasted on the current flush. The unique patented delay refill feature enables a consistent flushing volume under different water pressure 0.14Mpa、0.35Mpa、0.55Mpa while permitting the toilet to perform at the same efficiency. Not impacted by Water Pressure, insure accurate water consumption, providing for water savings.

Innovation and Technology

Pilot fashion bathroom, Highlight energy-saving technologies

Safety seal assembly


Anti-siphon back

Patents anti-siphon design, refuse to drink toilet water


On the basis of the prior art, an air inlet passage communicated with the water inlet pipe is arranged on the outer side of the water outlet, air is directly introduced into the water outlet pipe through an independent air inlet passage to balance the pressure when the water supply pipe is disconnected, and at the same time, Anti-siphon plastic seat play a water outlet and water channel isolation. Siphoning and reverse flow are fundamentally avoided.

Intimate mute design

Do not disturb the sleepiness of the night noise, water noise reduction of 40%



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